Plan C

Now, where were we? The last place we left off I was talking about how we decided not to do our garage project in order to put that money into the roof and exterior of the house instead. I was also feeling really excited about re-siding the house in blue.

Well, we’ve had a change of plans yet again. Matt said we need a new furnace before winter. The one we have is 20 years old and I guess they are known for spewing carbon monoxide when they are on their way out. So I was totally on board with the new furnace thing. And while we’re at it, we figured we should get central air at the same time. But I was shocked when quotes starting coming back between 5-7k.

We figured we’d take out a loan to cover it. But when the bank let us know what our payments would be, Matt pitched to me what is now “plan C” in this new house adventure: We should hold off on new siding and windows and just do the roof and furnace. This would save us taking out a loan.

I’m not going to lie. It took me at least a full week to get over the fact we wouldn’t be getting new windows and siding. I had been so excited with the thought of giving the outside a new look and having it totally done this summer. I guess I’m still kind of having a hard time with it, but I am also glad we aren’t taking out a loan. In the long run I think it will be a good decision.

I’m taking my mind off the outside of the house and starting to plan the inside. This fall we’re going to gut both bathrooms and totally redo them. I want to do beadboard walls so we don’t have to mess with sheetrocking, plus I think the look works well in a lake home.


Simple and clean


Love it!

So that’s plan C. I have to remind myself our projects are more like a marathon than a sprint. It will get there. The waiting is just so hard at times.


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