Our House Gets a Facelift (Putting Lattice Under Our Deck)

April marked the one year anniversary of our move to the lake! Unfortunately, despite a lot of updates we’ve made, I’ve been awful at keeping them posted.


Framing the area under the house before the foam insulation and plywood goes up.

This last weekend, Matt and I managed to check another big project off our list. Last summer, if you remember, Matt ripped all the old vinyl skirting off from the bottom of the house. It needed to be done. He replaced it with foam insulation and plywood sheets, with the plan being we could put siding to the ground when we re-side our house. It was a massive project, and he literally finished it as the first snow of the season was falling in October.


Although the area under the house eventually got covered with foam insulation and plywood, the area under the deck remained exposed. Until now!







We decided that putting lattice up would be the best way to fill in the gaps. We worked on it for about 6 hours on Saturday. It was “easy” work, just kind of slow and meticulous. As you can see, our house sits on a slope so we had to cut the lattice accordingly. So, here’s the finished product! What do you think?




I think it looks pretty great! No more exposed blocks under the house! And I can’t wait to do some landscaping in front of it now. One more big project checked off the list!

I’ve got a lot of things I’ve changed inside the house: furniture, more painting, rearranging, etc. But the house is too much of a disaster right now to take pictures to show it! Although, I am happy to be writing this today from our new desk area. It’s so nice to have a home for the laptop!IMG_20150623_094145791

More to come soon, just let me get to cleaning!



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