Plywood, Paint, and One Big Skirt

Matt checked off another “big” house project this week. It wasn’t so much “big” in that it was hard to do, and not even that it was expensive, but that it’s something I’ve been so desperately waiting to happen since last fall when Matt put up the insulation and plywood skirting around the base of our house. Remember this?



I’m definitely glad that it got done just in time for the first snow fall last year, and that it kept our pipes from freezing. And I definitely don’t regret that we decided to put up the insulated plywood instead of the cheap vinyl skirting that is usually on mobile homes. But after looking at this eye sore for a year, I am amazed how a simple gallon of color-matched paint has lifted my spirits.

We bought a paint sprayer for the project to save time.  We also have enough painting projects ahead of us that I thought it would be worth the money. Matt had our siding color-matched and bought a gallon of primer, and the rest is history. Here’s a look!


What we see when we drive up


View from the lake

My handsome hired help

My handsome hired help

Such a relief! It still isn’t a permanent fix, which will someday be new siding the covers even the plywood, and new windows too! But right now it makes me one happy lady. With this done, I’m hoping that we can finally start some landscaping too around the house to give it some more life.

What I really want for the house now though is a dog. But I’m having a hard time convincing the man of the house with that one. 🙂